As most Malaysian knows, Cuckoo had been one of the market leaders in providing healthy home appliances in Malaysia. Cuckoo’s healthy home appliances not only aimed to improve the standard of living, Cuckoo’s healthy home appliances are also supported by 1-to-1 customer services which specifically aimed to ease their customers lifestyle. These dedication and commitments from Cuckoo were basically inspired by Cuckoo’s own single yet powerful philosophical idea, which is “Beyond Standard”.

With this “Beyond Standard”, Cuckoo has the duty and responsibility to ensure everyone has a Healthy Lifestyle. 

So, this is where Wonderlab comes in place, the Healthy Lifestyle Creator. Wonderlab is a beauty company originated from Korea that offers skincare, face masks, and hair care products. A cosmetic company that were involved in e-commerce, retail marketing and channel distribution.

“Beauty is Daily”. At WonderLab, we believe that beauty care is an essential part of our daily routine. Which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure that everyone can enjoy a healthy and beautiful lifestyle, no matter where or when they are.


To become a trendsetter by inspiring a new beauty lifestyle made simpler and easier for all.


To provide personalised beauty care services and wondrous cosmetic products at an accessible time and space.